What does APT Treatments Do?

APT’s nano-molecules are non-petroleum based ions with an extremely high affinity towards metal surfaces. APT’s molecules are able to penetrate gum and varnish residual buildup on surfaces without the use of solvents. Once APT has reached the metal surface after penetrating the varnish buildup, it forms a ceramic shield that protects the metal. Once bonded, the metal surface no longer has the cracks or pores for the gum/varnish particulate to latch onto. Once APT is set, it releases the varnish and carbon buildup back into the lubricant stream to be cleaned by the inline and/or bypass filtration system. APT starts to activate at normal equipment temperatures. The higher the temperature, the faster the activation time, the more hours of constant operation, the faster the final results will become apparent.

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Back at it... Gator Park had us back today to treat engine #2 with our synthetic ceramic treatment. After this "warm up" trip we applied 4 ounces of APT Engine Treatment and ran it for a half hour. That is just how easy this is...

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