Ceramic Protection Technology

Protects Your Engine To Extend Car Lifetime



Environmental Engines - Benifits

Clean, Restore, Lubricate, Protect

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  1. Restores like new performance

  2. Increases horsepower

  3. Increases compression

  4. Increases torque

  5. Increases fuel economy

  6. Reduces emission gases

  7. Reduces black smoke

  8. Reduces carbon deposits

  9. Decreases engine vibration and noise

  10. Steadies mirror vibration

  11. Reduces the wear of engine

  12. Reduces turbo lag

  13. Increases turbo Life

  14. Reduces/stops- Injector stiction

APT Engine will restore lost power to your engine, while giving you unmatched protection! APT Transmission works with automatic and manual transmissions. APT Transmission will restore fast smooth shifting, while giving you protection unmatched by any other products sold anywhere!

SuperX Motor Oil is the world’s first self-cleaning oil, and the only technology that treats the metal to bring and keep the vehicle performing at peak levels.

  1. Keeps Vehicles on the Road and Running

  2. Provides Fast Cold Weather Starting

  3. Provides Extreme Temperature Protection

  4. Provides Maximum Wear Protection

  5. Suitable for use in any Induction (Turbo) Motors

Your oil needs to work harder than ever where higher temperatures, higher soot loading and the requirement for lower exhaust emissions are a fact of life. All SuperX Motor Oil has been formulated to provide Triple Protection against wear, deposits and emissions to help you and your business benefit from long engine life and lower operating cost.

It’s the One Oil that does it all!

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