APT Ceramic Protection

Environmental Engines Advanced Protection Technology or “APT” is a pure synthetic ceramic metal treatment proven to substantially decrease friction and reduce damaging harmonics and wear in the engine and transmission, in comparison with operation on oil alone. APT utilizes ceramic technology to form a micro-ceramic seal on all metal parts within your engine, preventing the formation of performance degrading sludge and abrasive carbons. APT will restore lost power to your equipment and give you peace of mind. APT utilizes a Ceramic Lubrication Catalyst, which is carried by the oil and is not a normal oil additive. It is also not a replacement for your oil. APT is a ONE-TIME advanced metal treatment that protects metal parts within your engine, transmission, gearbox and anywhere there is a need for surface enhancement and protection. APT Treatments are designed to be used on any rigid or semi-rigid surface subjected to drag, sliding, rotating or oscillating harmonic friction. It is a combination of a unique ceramic resin and lubricating solids and works well in all applications, but is best at high temperatures, high loads and high speeds. APT is formulated to provide an approximate cured film thickness of 6 microns or less of ceramic coating within the valleys of the metal surface. On the asperities (peaks) of the metal surface, it lays a film less than 1-micron, which will not alter factory tolerances or specifications.

How Do APT Treatments Work?

APT Treatments bind with carbon chains within your metal sub-surface. Once fully cured it forms a glass smooth sealed surface, eliminating surface flaws within the metals surfaces. The surface boundary layers formed by APT Treatment coat with characteristics that ensure extremely low levels of boundary friction between the surfaces. APT is formulated with a “Surface Tension Modifier” that will reduce temperature, pressure, and friction between moving surfaces, minimizing boundary friction and wear. When the temperature is altered up or down, the pressure or friction is increased, APT activates a succession of chemical reactions with carbon acids and H2O to reduce the surface tension.

What APT Does in Equipment?

APT Treatments are non-petroleum based ions with an extremely high affinity towards metal surfaces. APT molecules are able to penetrate gum and varnish residual buildup on surfaces without the use of solvents. Once APT has reached the metal surface after penetrating the varnish buildup, it forms a ceramic shield that protects the metal. Once bonded, the metal surface no longer has the cracks or pores for the gum/varnish particulate to latch onto. Once APT is set, it releases the varnish and carbon buildup back into the lubricant stream to be cleaned by the inline and/or bypass filtration system. APT starts to activate at normal equipment temperatures. The higher the temperature, the faster the activation time, the more hours of constant operation, the faster the final results will become apparent.

Applications for Environmental Engines APT

Ceramic Protection Technology

Ceramic Protection Technology

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Turbo
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Fuel Pumps and Injectors
  • Drive-trains, Trans-axles, Hubs and Transfer Cases
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Power Steering Systems
  • And Much More…