APT Bronze for Diesel Semi

The Bronze (Diesel Semi) Package


Designed by aerospace technician

Designed by aerospace technician

The DPF Rx is a “Clean-Burn” diesel fuel device that improves fuel economy as it cleans engines.
A new “clean-burn” after-market fuel device for diesel engines is GUARANTEED to improve fuel economy by at least 10 percent. The DPF Rx enhances engine performance and reduces carbon deposits, stack soot, black smoke, and toxic fuel emissions. It has been granted patents with 46 claims on the “clean-burn” technology.

How It Works


Advanced Protection Treatment

APT Engine for Diesel Semi

APT Engine utilizes ceramic technology to form a micro-ceramic seal on all metal parts within your engine. This will not allow the formation of performance degrading sludge and abrasive carbon. APT Engine will restore lost power to your diesel engine, while giving you unmatched engine protection!

APT Engine Benefits

  • Restores Like-new performance
  • Increases horsepower
  • Increases compression
  • Increases torque
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces emission gases
  • Reduces Black smoke
  • Reduces carbon deposits
  • Decreases engine vibration and noise
  • Steadies mirror vibration
  • Reduces the wear of engine
  • Reduces Turbo lag
  • Increases Turbo Life
  • Reduces/stops- Injector stiction

APT Transmission for Diesel Semi

APT Transmission works with Automatic and Manual transmissions. Our formula utilizes ceramic technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your car or trucks transmission or differential. This will not allow the formation of performance degrading sludge and varnish to form. APT Transmission will restore fast smooth shifting, while giving you transmission protection unmatched by any other products sold anywhere!

All Environmental Engines products are environmentally safe and do not contain any solvents or PTFE’s.

APT Transmission restores performance and fixes many transmission issues. APT stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions. APT eliminates most seal leaks and lowers operating temperatures in hard-working units. Ideal for all uses including auto, diesel truck, motor homes and commercial vehicles. APT Transmission is excellent for preventative transmission maintenance and extends fluid life by up to four times. It also extends needed transmission protection to planetary gears.

APT Diesel Bronze

Advanced Protection Technology