Back in 2009 I was introduce to the [APT] product by a local distributor and friend and he convinced me to give the product a try in an application of my choice. I am the Director of Facilities and Engineering for a County Hospital and we have three compressors that get a lot of run time annually and we perform the usual preventative maintenance quarterly to the compressors and the compressors typically would go about three years before the signs of wear would begin to reflect in the oil consumption. So in 2009 we added [APT product] to each oil service intervals in two units that were rebuilt and one new vacuum pump and to date 8/2012 none of the units have consumed oil since the introduction of [APT]. My consultant has recently recommended we try treating our chiller and I’m considering [APT] in that application. I’m pleased with the performance of the products and would encourage others to try them.

Neil T.
Floyd County Memorial Hospital