Improves Horsepower

The improved lubricating properties of lubricants including APT ENGINE Treatment oil additive were further demonstrated by comparing the horsepower generated by an automobile engine operating without APT ENGINE Treatment added to the lubricant versus the horsepower generated by the same automobile engine with APT ENGINE Treatment added to the engine lubricant. In each case, the horsepower generated by a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (“Jeep”) with a 4.0 liter, 6 cylinder engine was measured using a Dynojet Model 248C Dynamometer.

Five quarts of 10W30 petroleum- based motor oil were added to the Jeep, and its horsepower was initially measured prior to addition of APT ENGINE Treatment. The automobile was tested from 0 to 5200 RPM with measurements taken at increasing 250 RPM intervals.

The absolute barometric pressure was recorded as 20.92 in. Hg (about 100kPa) with a vapor pressure of 0.61in. Hg (about 2kPa). The intake air temperature was measured at 88.8⁰F (31.6⁰C) and the gear ratio was recorded as 48 RPM/MPH. An SAE correction factor of 1.01 was used to convert the measured horsepower to a corrected horsepower.

A second test was performed on the same automobile by adding 2 ounces of APT ENGINE Treatment to the 5 quarts of engine- lubricating oil, resulting in a APT ENGINE Treatment concentration of 0.58%.

The measured and corrected horsepower of the Jeep at various engine speeds, operating with lubricant alone versus APT ENGINE Treatment added to the lubricant.

In comparing the data, it can be said that the corrected horsepower increased by an average of 8.4 horsepower when APT ENGINE Treatment was added to the engine lubricant compared with the corresponding tests performed without the additive. Additionally, the maximum horsepower achieved in the tests using APT ENGINE Treatment exceeded the maximum horsepower in the tests without the additive by 4.3 horsepower. The test measurements of increased horsepower resulting from use of APT ENGINE Treatment supports the conclusion that use of APT ENGINE Treatment provides better lubrication of the engine parts.

As seen in Table 2, in a second test done on a 2006 Ford F-150 Crew Cab, APT ENGINE Treatment was first dyno tested for its benefits in the engine. The tests showed the results when it was added to the transmission, differential and the fuel. It can be seen that APT ENGINE Treatment increased the horsepower when used in the engine alone by 8.65 horsepower and when added to the transmission, differential and used as a fuel additive, resulted in another 10 horsepower gain for a total gain of 18.65 horsepower!
Torque was also increased by 20 lbs/ft in testing and the max torque was reached at 1,177 rpm less!