APT Marine

From Yachts to skiffs we have your back...

From Yachts to skiffs we have your back…

For more info call Captain Joshua A. Turner COO and Co-Founder of Environmental Engines @ 1-888-304-2744 ext 204 or email now at josh@environmentalengines.com

Environmental Engines Packages are available to service Mega Yacht to Jet Ski!! APT has your back.

From oil tankers to cruise ships, from cargo to container boats, ocean-going vessels account for 30 percent of the world’s harmful emissions (NOx, HC, PM, CO, NO, H). These toxic emissions contribute to global warming, create smog, form acid rain and cause health problems, including lung cancer. The engine pollution spewed from ships floating on global seas could rise by as much as 140 percent in the next 22 years. APT Marine can help change this, reducing carbon emissions by at least 50 percent and as much as 100 percent. No more black smoke churned out by boat engines that are wasting fuel!

Benefits Include:

Improve Fuel Efficiency
Your vessel will use as much as 20 percent less fuel, and a guaranteed five percent reduction

Reduce Operation Costs
Go farther on your dollar. APT Marine will increase your oil life and reduce engine maintenance and repair fees

Reduce Toxic Emissions
Enjoy a groundbreaking proven reduction in Hydrocarbon, NOx, PM, and Carbon Monoxide emissions

Improve Performance
You will see a reduction in your emissions, an increase in fuel economy and a boost in horsepower

Reduce Engine Vibration
APT Marine allows your boat engine to run smoother, and quieter, within 2 hours of initial use