To Whom it may concern

Just a few informal lines to give a further insight into the unique properties of [APT products]. It is a metal treatment that after 48 hours running through an AC/Heat unit will save anywhere between 10 and 30% on electricity, causing the motor to draw less amps and the compressor less cycling. It will address the problem of moisture created by the Hot/Cold working environment of the lines, that causes the oil to emulsify, turn to varnish, and stick to the inside of the lines, slowing down the Freon flow. [The APT product] will absorb the moisture in the system, get behind the old oil, push it away from the lines, coat the lines, and send the oil back into circulation. This does away with the oil and water don’t mix problem. So not only do you have a metal treatment in your pump/compressor, you have a ceramic style lining etched into your pipe work causing a more efficient flow as well as reducing friction harmonics and consequently wear in all moving parts. I hope this has given you a small insight into the capability of [this product]. Please call for any further information that you need. This needs to be introduced to a working system through the suction port while running. To gain maximum results it needs to be run for about 1 hour immediately afterwards. After 48 hours you will see significant improvement. Dosage: ½ oz per ton with a reasonable pipe distance. You cannot overdose, it is just economics.