To Whom it may concern Just a few informal lines to give a further insight into the unique properties of [APT products]. It is a metal treatment that after 48 hours running through an AC/Heat unit will save anywhere between 10 and 30% on electricity, causing the motor to draw […]

To Whom it may concern As an independent A/C and Heat Contractor, I was employed to measure the amperage draw of a 3 ton AC unit at D & A American Bistro Restaurant in Plano, Texas. I was then asked to treat with [product] and return after 48 hours on […]

A/C Blue ICE Treatment I own a restaurant in Bonita Springs Florida and Joe treated my air conditioner, Ice Machine and other units with [APT]. A few days later, my Restaurant felt much cooler and less humid. What really impressed me was after four days my ice machine was producing […]

A/C System Treatment testimonial “My 1999 Ford pickup truck has a very good A/C system, so I didn’t think that the [product’s] Advanced Lubrication technology would help it. After installation of the treatment, I watched it drop the dash outlet temperature 10 degrees and was amazed that a really well […]